Specializing in solid  carbide and cobalt high-speed steel cutting tools, Kut-Rite Tools provides state-of-the-art manufacturing and regrinding services. From standard tools we can manufacture or modify to print and maintain specified tolerance on these special tools. We offer a regrinding programs tailored to cliental for their specific manufacturing processes. Our customers require accurate and qualified tool geometry in their specials and regrinds.

Some of these are as follows
-End mills
-Ball nose
-Radius and MiniCuts
-High Performance Drills
-Dreamers and Spades
-Reamers, Ruffers and Core Drills
-Roto-Broaches / Slugger Bits
-Milling Cutters and Dove Tails w & w/o Rads
-Countersinks and Taps -Keyseat Cutters and Broaches
-Varimills and multi helix/index tools
-Taps; every type and manufacturer
-Specials Profile cutters and tooling modification
-Coating services
-Engineering and “Cimulator” applications

All our customers profit from our ability to be a single source tool regrinding and manufacturing facility

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